Lifting houses

For all your house lifting needs as well as the laying of new foundations, FONGIX is there for you.

We have the most sought-after expertise in house support. We have carried out multiple projects which consist in setting up foundations under buildings, without having to lift them.

Conventional foundation, monolithic, structural slab, whatever your needs, our team will give you complete satisfaction during the execution of the work. From exterior excavation to complete moisture management after the job is done, FONGIX is the name to remember.

Whether it is your primary residence, a chalet or a multiplex, FONGIX has the specialized equipment and expertise to complete your project.

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Our excavation division is empowered to complete projects in harsh environments. Whether it is work on the mountainside, in an urban environment or with difficult access, FONGIX knows how to take up the challenge while preserving the site.

We have the expertise to carry out your foundation work, lower your crawl space or any other modifications related to our field of expertise.


Did you know that the wooden support legs in your crawl space do not meet current standards, but are rather an acquired right. When there are changes or modifications during corrective work related to the support brackets, an engineer estimate is required.

At FONGIX, the engineering service is part of our service offerings in order to bring modifications or any other structural interventions that our company will perform up to standard, thus ensuring work carried out according to current standards.

Cumulating many years of experience combined with execution expertise, you will know from the first meetings that your project is supported by the experts in the field.

Waterproofing of foundations

All the foundations below the ground (concrete, stone & rubble foundation, blocks, concrete slabs, etc.) are subjected to constant hydrostatic pressure (water), which can cause damage to them.

Direct or hydrostatic pressure infiltration will cause you problems when it comes to indoor humidity management. It is essential to prevent water from entering the building in order to exercise absolute control over humidity and temperature.

Depending on the situation, the environment, the design of the foundations, we will be able to direct you to the best solutions for waterproofing your foundations. Waterproofing combined with drainage will provide you with unparalleled interior comfort.

From liquid membranes to rigid membranes, to the inner lining of the foundations, FONGIX is the team to choose.